At CLC, we believe that music is essential to life, and that children are inherently drawn to songs across a wide variety of genres, ages, and styles. Children at CLC engage with music in many different ways each and every day, through music making circles, dance parties, experimenting with instruments, and doing close listening to recorded sound.

This year, CLC is piloting a Musicians in Residence program, where we host a rotation of accomplished singer/songwriters, folk artists, jazz musicians, and other musicians for month-long residencies. It’s such a special thing for our children to build relationships with different kinds of music, to let many genres and instruments and styles wash over them, and to have a visceral, up-close experience with the kind of music one usually only encounters on stage. So far, we have hosted Tica Douglas and Julia Anrather  as our first two Musicians in Residence. It’s been an honor and a joy to welcome them to the CLC singing family!

Tica fills our hearts with song outdoors
Tica fills our hearts with song outdoors

Each week, our full school also gathers for one of our famous Hootenannies, a rolicking singalong where teachers and parents perform and play songs that bounce between rock, pop, folk, soul, ballad, and everything in between. In one Hootenanny, you can expect to hear generic soma online prescription everything from Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” to Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping,” to “California Stars” by Wilco and Billy Bragg. Follow our Spotify account here, and check out a sample Hootenanny playlist below!


CLC is also one of the only Preschools in the world to have produced its very own in house band: The Hootenanny Preservation Society.  Check out HPS’s albums!