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Dear Friends,

There’s no denying it: 2016 has been a challenging year for much of the world. There is a lot of uncertainty outside these preschool walls, and it sometimes feels, as one Purple Roomer recently put it at a Hootenanny, like “we forgot to raise the sun.” At the same time, we have never been more grateful to work with young children and to share in their sense of joy and possibility each day. We have never been more grateful to be part of a community of grown-ups who value learning, equality, and love. We have never been more grateful for you and your support.

In this moment, we have found solace and energy in returning to a guiding principle of our school: that together, we can make the world a better place. During the preschool years, children begin to build their understanding of what’s right and wrong. We take this moment of human development very seriously, and our daily classroom practice is rooted in this fundamental value.

In the past several weeks, our teachers and leadership have come together to mindfully craft a curriculum that encourages compassion and integrity, from infancy onward. Children at CLC are building empathy from the youngest ages by recognizing and naming emotions; they are celebrating human difference by exploring each other’s cultures through food, clothing, language, and music; and they are noticing how our actions affect others, and brainstorming ways to solve real social problems.

Children are naturally full of hope and action. CLC has been looking for meaningful ways to take those sparks and nurture them. This week, the children in our Purple Room noticed that some time had passed without a new installment of the Spoken Tales of Flip-Flop, Flapjack, and Sassafras (an improvisational Story Time institution led by our Director and fondly referred to as “the Cat Stories”). Teachers heard the children talking about this a lot, and saw an opportunity to give them practice in advocating for positive change. The children delivered a petition to the administration to Bring Back the Cat Stories, and their voices were heard. In this small way, the students and teachers of the Purple Room improved their community experience by working together and listening to each other. This sense of agency is something that we hope children will carry with them and continue to draw upon throughout their lives.

You are our most important partners in helping us realize the mindful, responsive, and action-oriented work we do as educators. Your financial support is needed now more than ever to help us continue. This winter, we invite you to join us in helping to create a generation of people who are committed to making the world a better and fairer place. Your tax-deductible donation to our general operating fund will help CLC in its 40th year, as we pilot our school-wide Compassion & Power Curriculum — and of course, continue to tell more cat stories :)

Please consider making a donation to CLC. Whether your donation is big or small, it will help us build a better future for our children. Thank you for supporting our vision and for being a part of our very special circle of friends.


With Love,

Molly Vozick-Levinson, Director

Lily Bellow, Organizational Development

Mark Taylor, Board Chair


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Mark Taylor, Chair

Clare Mottola, Secretary

Anna Minsky, Treasurer

Tasnim Azad

Michael Grynbaum

Douglas Lieb

Jessica Wexler




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