Our Day



At CLC, all of our three classrooms follow a similar schedule, as follows:

8:30-8:45: Drop Off. Families are welcome to stay in the classroom during this time to help children transition into their days, mingle with other families, and speak with teachers.

8:45: Morning Meeting. Children review the business of the day, like who is here, what the schedule is, and for older children, what’s coming up in the calendar.

8:45-10:00: Work Time. Children explore and make meaning using a wide variety of materials.

10am: Circle Time. Children gather as a group to delve into the concepts behind curriculum.

10:30: Snack

11am: Outdoor time

12/12:30: Lunch

1pm: Rest Time

3:30: Dismissal

3:30-5:30: After School


In our school, curriculum is emergent, and reflects a natural dialogue between children, materials, their environment, and teachers. Children engage both in open-ended exploration of beautiful, evocative materials, and in more specific work centered around an emergent cheap soma online overnight curricular theme. Please click here to view our Curriculum Guide, which outlines our approach to children’s learning.


At CLC, we look at both children and teachers as researchers, and consider both the meaning children make during an exploration, and what we as teachers learn about the children watching them explore. Documentation through photography, writing, and group reflection is an essential part of teaching life at CLC, and classrooms share their studies with parents through newsletters, reflections, and narrative reports on child development. Here are some examples of CLC documenation:

Newsletters: Melting Color Singing UpFizzing Chemistry, Spring Planting The Night Curriculum

Reflections: Pinecones and Burrs, Mad Scientists, A Little Help From My FriendsThe Storm, The Cool Down Corner, For the Love of Rockets


Please take a moment to watch a video about CLC here!