Through the Looking Glass

Last year in the Purple Room, I drew a series of portraits of my students. As time went on and I spent more of my professional and personal time with children; I realized how lucky I am to be allowed into each child’s own little world. A world filled with complexities of emotion, imagination, and introspection, pouring out like a waterfall. Over time, I found myself capturing these existential waterfalls in a single moment; reveling in the subject’s most honest and open complexity.

My fellow staff members and I have spoken at length about the depths of childhood complexity and perplexity, and are often overlooked for. Many adults so often take for granted how many thoughts and feelings a child can develop at once. Dear reader, if you ever run into one of these adults, I hope these photographs can remind you fondly of the multitude of galaxies that formulate within a child through their eyes, their smile, and what they can open up to you in one single moment.

Salma tells me an unspoken secret.
Harriet lingers on an upward trajectory.
Wexler greeting an old friend in the wind.
Arthur contemplates the black top’s icy terrain.
Samantha soaking in every second she is no longer asleep.
Evan C. welcoming a guest Red Room teacher with open arms.

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