Dancing Kweens

Throughout the daily life of the Yellow Room, there are small spaces in between for blossoming curriculum where one would not expect to find inspiration. In the Yellow Room, one of those transitional happenings has turned into a full-blown celebration of the Swedish sensation from the ‘70s, ABBA.

After Rest Time, settled bodies wake up from their slumbers rejuvenated by a blast of disco, their bodies radiating with joy along to those hot dancing beats. Starting with the upbeat and jubilant sounds of “Waterloo,” Yellow Roomers lift their arms and legs ready to dance. They hum into their kazoos and shake their shakers above their heads.

Our Yellow Roomers show us how in tune to the music they are: Penelope says, “I like this song! I like it. Samantha cheers, “Oma!” remembering times when she’s listened to the band with her family. Arthur smiles and dances with his arms above his head. Marianna rocks her body to the sound. It’s a disco in the Yellow Room!

Dance along with us at home!

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