Bear Threads


The Red Roomers arrived back after Winter Break to discover their new Black Bear babies eagerly awaiting their return. They discovered that though the bear babies had spent the break snuggled together in a beary cozy basket, they had missed the children very much! The children requested that the bears join them at Morning Meeting and were thrilled to be reunited with their furry buddies.


At Circle Time, we dove back into our continuing conversation about how to care for our bear friends. The children decided their bears needed clothing. We asked each child, “What kind of clothing would you like to give your bear?”


As usual, they were full of great ideas:

Max: “I’m going to put on a special crown. I’m going to put it on his head.”

Inez: “Hair bow, a tie.”

Solomon: “My bear needs socks on his head.”

Issac: “A scarf, a red scarf.”

Eben: “A shirt, blue.”

Leonardo: “Feet, socks. Gloves”

Enzo: “Thomas, socks, boots.”

Evan C: “Scarf and a hat.”

Charlotte: “Pants. A bag.”

Harriet: “A shirt, jacket and snow pants.”

Penelope: “A fancy coat.”

Evan B: “Shoes and a fancy coat. Purple.”

The next day, Sara introduced the children to her bear, Emily Bear. Emily Bear was wrapped in fancy velvet ribbon with a hair bow and a lace scarf. Sara said that Emily Bear had told her that she loved the way the Red Room children dressed and she had wished she had some clothes too, so Sara made her an outfit.

The children were all eyes as we showed them a tray of beautiful fabrics and ribbons that they could use to create their own designs for their bears to wear.

Charlotte wraps a velvet scarf around her bear

After providing beauty and protection in the form of fashion for the bears, we will begin considering coverage, shelter and housing. We are eager to brainstorm with the Red Roomers, discussing how and where their bears should live. Thinking like architects and perhaps, city planners, we will continue to record our Red Roomers ideas so that work can soon begin on our next project: constructing bear dwellings!


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