Kazooing Round the World

What an exciting holiday season it has been for the Yellow Room! Not only did the children adopt goat companions, but they also received their very own kazoos! First intrigued by these curious plastic contraptions and exploring the shape with their mouths, the Yellow Roomers quickly became eager to learn how to master their new instruments. Their faces filled with delight the moment a sound came out.

Janette shows Misha how to use a kazoo


Noam ties two kazoos at once!

Even when they weren’t exploring the broad scope of sound on their kazoos, the yellow roomers practiced humming with their mouths. Their lungs fill with air and exude a delightful cacophony perfectly matched with the absolute joy of music in the yellow room. They danced and sang songs with the kazoos, expanding their range of sound to their favorite classroom songs like “Ring of Fire” and “Mambo Italiano.”  Children loved them so much, they felt compelled to carry them and hand them to other friends when they were not in use. One of our youngest musicians Rina said, “azooooo!

Rina gives her a kazoo a toot

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