Namaste, Baby

Recently, Yellow Roomers have embarked on a new group exploration: yoga. Other than being a great stretching exercise for growing bodies, yoga also encourages the children to practice working as a group, in a fun visceral way!  It also helps little bodies to find balance and coordination. Children love to mimic and repeat what we do, so it’s natural for them to follow our actions.  We are learning to breathe deeply and calm our bodies together.

We often begin by sitting together on the floor and flowing through a vinyasa: crossing our legs​, bringing our toes together, and then ​bringing ​our hands in front of our body.  We breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly -​ a couple of times​, just enough to practice the repetition of yoga while still holding the group’s attention.  Then we begin with the first of our animal poses. D​ownward ​D​og ​and Cobra ​are current class favorites​​​, and we’re working on Cat pose and Frog squat.  All the while you can hear our dogs bark, our cobras hiss, our cats meow and our frogs happily ribbet-ribbet.
Frog Squat
Frog Squat


Downward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog

We are developing our craft of yoga story telling by incorporating sounds of the animals, stormy trees, whooshing skiers, ​into​ the basic movement of the poses.  Our most recent yoga activity was reading through ​our ​Good Morning Yoga book by Mariam Gates (Author),‎ Sarah Jane Hinder (Illustrator)where we  discovered so many new poses guised in fun story telling activities.

If you haven’t already done so​, try yoga with your little one ​at home, and you’ll see it’s a wonderful bonding experience and tons of fun​!  Practice with some of our ​suggested ​simple poses below.
Our animal poses:

Downward Dog

The Cat

The Cobra

The Frog (squatting and jumping)


Other poses we are working on :

Baby pose

Trees  (stretching tall like the trees)

Trees saluting the Sun

Warrior Pose



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