A Wolf at the Door

After adopting a pack of baby wolves, Red Roomers have been hard at work making sure that the wolves have everything they need to be safe and happy! The class set out to make our wolf pack an apartment building to snuggle up in at night and over the weekends. We have spent the last few weeks layering papier-mâché over sections of cardboard boxes, connecting them together to make a roomy wolf abode with enough space for our entire wolf family.

DSC01441 (2)
Jameson coats the boxes in a layer of glue and water
DSC01926 (2)
Gunnu, Doudou, and Maggie give the apartment building a fresh coat of paint!


After coating the wolf house with swirls of blue, turquoise, and pink paint, Red Roomers began to brainstorm what else the house might need to help our wolves turn their house into a home.

Maggie: A computer. They need to work. They look at the trains.

Robin: I think they need a sink. A sink to wash hands with soap and a bathroom so they could scrub-a-dub-dub.

Doudou: Bottles of water. And rainboots!

Leo:  A banana, fruit, chicken and rice, and juice.

Matthew: Cots, a sink to wash hands. Also flowers. Strawberries. And trucks!

Evan: Sitting! Chair. Tractor.

Kaio: Trucks, cars, and chocolate.

Logan: A potty. A bathroom.

Sammy L: Books. Scary, scary books! Cars. Flowers that are outside. I need to feed my wolf chicken soup. I need to put my wolf into a bath. After I put my wolf in a bath I’m going to put my wolf to bed. After my wolf wakes up he will eat more chicken soup.

Sammy A: A platform at the basement of the house and there were train tracks below the platform that the trains run on. The train goes from New York to Florida. I will get food for my wolf and see if he likes it.

Jameson: Blankets for their homes and pillows. Big pillows and scarves.

Arlo: I’m going to take care of him by giving him a cactus. And a bookshelf in their dining room. And blocks. They will build tall towers and the wolves will knock them down.

Max: Water, snacks. Cherry snacks and cheese sticks and apple bars and toys.

Isaac: Painting. Blue and red and a brush.

Gunnu: Wolves can eat chocolate. They take off wolf shoes.

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