Mama Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away

Part of what makes photography such a satisfying medium is its immediacy – it takes less than a second to see something striking and arrest it in an image. In the Red Room, children have been working with digital cameras to capture little pops of the world around them, and recently, we have made the experience even more tangible by introducing a Polaroid camera to the classroom.

The children have spent the last couple of weeks taking portraits of each other, with the help of teachers. After each child took a turn trying out the camera, Red Roomers gathered around to watch the image emerge, shrieking, “It’s coming! Look! It’s like magic!”

polaroids (2)

We looked at the photographs all together afterward, and began to share our ideas about the pictures and our experiences taking them, and posing for them:

Sammy L: I like soma online paypal Jameson. It looks like he is thinking about his mommy. His mommy is gone. I like this one too (Arlo). He is holding a shuttle.

Maggie: I like all of these. This one I’m sleeping and holding a fire. This one I’m holding my arms out and closing my eyes a little. This one I actually opened my eyes. I put my hand on my shoulder.

Robin: I think I like this one of Maggie. She is wearing a dress. I’m wearing a dress too. I’m holding my dress with one hand up like the Holiday Inn dancer.

Isaac: I like the Leo picture. Leo is looking down. His hands are behind him.

DouDou: This DouDou and Logan! I’m happy. I’m laughing. That’s Arlo and a rocket. A big shuttle!

Leo: Oh, that’s Evan. I think he is sleeping!

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