Boxes for Foxes

Recently, the Yellow Roomers became the proud owners of a lurk of foxes, with each child adopting their very own fox!

Our fox friends have been living on our windowsill, coming down to play and burrow in pine cones, yarn and other den making materials in the sensory table, join a tea party, have a snuggle, or teach a lesson about being a good and gentle friend.

The Yellow Roomers (with the help of their wonderful parents) have diligently filled our room with boxes for their foxes. Because our children live in an urban environment we decided to construct an urban dwelling for our fox friends. We fitted the different boxes together like a puzzle to create an apartment building for our foxes to live in!

We discussed how we had to make the structure sturdy, so that the individual pieces would not come apart. Then we introduced paper mache, a construction technique which involves dipping newspaper strips in a flour, soma to buy water and white glue paste to create a strong adhesive shell.

IMG_7224 (2)

We often use paper mache in conjunction with “junk” materials like cardboard boxes, empty paper towel rolls and other throwaways so that children can be experience the creative process of tuning one thing into another. Children’s natural curiosity and inclination to experiment leads them naturally to repurpose objects. Having the ability to make new things out of discarded materials can be an exciting and inspiring process and Paper Mache is great for all kinds of three dimensional projects.

The children really got into the process of covering the outside of the structure, adhering the rooms to each other by patting and smoothing the paper on. Some especially enjoyed swishing their hands around in the warm paste.

IMG_7229 (2)

IMG_7420 (2)

Our apartment building is still under construction. The next phase will be to give it a good coat of paint. Our foxes can’t wait to move in!

IMG_4160 (2)

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